Tuesday, May 5, 2009

How is Nollie doin? Read what he wrote on his diary regarding his first job overseas

Youm, Osbu, Shahr, fih Sanah…
(A day, a week, a month, in a year..)

*The noon day sun turns the desert sprawl below us into a shimmer, with a tender breeze at this relaxing spot…
AB QAIQ, is where I am now.. December 30 2007, at exactly 10:32 pm with a connecting flight from Manila to Bahrain then Bahrain to Dammam Airport.

Ain Nahkel Ab Qaiq, Saudi Arabia is now my official address.. Two (2) years of designing pipelines in the kingdom's primary business "GAS and OIL" under the sub-contract of SAUDI ARAMCO, here comes the desert with the reddish-brown images of pipes and well-heads..
After night under the canopy of million stars (December 31st year 2007)… Faintly, I opened my eyes and witnessed my first day with a cool breezed splashed into a morning sun. The village is like a pan of pizza filled with different toppings and spices.. (Filipinos, Pakistani, Indian, Nepalese, and ofcourse Arab..)
At the kitchen, some of our "kababayan's" finished off a tagine bull shanks as "bulalo" and freshly cooked "chicken tinola" as my first meal. (hmmm.. bon appetite!)
Enjoying the place with the guitar, television with DVD's inside the room, basketball court, pool and billiard table… the place was good, infact I didn't noticed that the time is almost 7 o'clock pm.. and December 31, 2007, Sunday, my first (here in Saudi) and last day (of the year) is bout' to end and start for anotha'… so I get my mobile phone, make some beep with eyes enveloped by mountains… facing the sea, as tears… HAPPY NEW YEAR PHILIPPINES!!!
And as the real countdown continues.. 2008, the year of the rat is playin' with me in a new place, with a new things and new challenges… maybe to learn for some experience, and know the purpose after, or the lesson out of it… like what happen in a ravenous rat with a mighty sense of smell, shut in the mouse trap just for the tiny slice of cheese??? maybe he knew his lessons well.. and I also learned on that story.. so, what can I do now…? study and learn more.. explore and improve myself in this brand new world called hope!!!
Fingers fiddle with my mustache, (while ridin' a bus, for some medical check-up…) feelin' like sitting in a nook of paradise when eyewitness the land full of sand as desert, smoothly spread by the wind that blows continually into my ear saying.. if you genuinely want to learn about their culture, you must read its history written from the perspective of the people of that country; you must travel there independently and not on the pre-packaged tour; you must share their food and learn how to cook it; and you must, and this is an absolutely must, read what is on their minds, be quiet, then drive...
Drive… As the 68 kms. long way road trip continues, whilst listening to the Rod Stewart's "I was only joking.." finally we're here… and the first stop, HOFUF! a picture of Zapote in Las Piñas with so many streets, establishments, buildings and restaurants. There are lots of "kababayan's" working here on their own different field. I met pinay who worked as nurse, then some pinoy as doctors, some are working as auto-mechanic, engineers, architects, and some are in the restaurant as waiter, where "khabza" is available.. (kabhza' is a bunch of rice with a whole chicken in the middle, and it is serve as one order..) Burp!!! And right after that remarkable food trip, with the price of SR 8.00, (P80.00), and also free canned softdrink, "kalas"… (kalas' means finished or done)
and I'm on my way.., again! not only for another 68 kms. (goin' back to my house) but for this so-called life now… I started to crawl, then I ran, fast.. and there was a time I crashed down, bled.. so it's hurt.. but someone offered me a hand, I mean hands.. and now I'm back, walking.. into a new direction, I mean same.. but not that ordinary, can I say different? Oopz! I think no!! coz' it's all the same, same like what He wants to put in this photograph, learn how to move on, and be contented, it's a blessing and everyday is a blessing, so be blessed to be a blessing for others too.. glow, with so much peace and so much love..
til' next time folks, thanks for ya'll prayers… and I miss ya'll so much.. kudoz'…

- "isip, puso sa taas, paa sa lupa…"

*Hebrews 12:1

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